Recognise any of these people?

Recognise any of these people?

It would be pretty boring if all our friends were the same, right? One of the best things about a group of mates is everyone comes with their own habits, quirks and opinions. But what about when the fun stops, you all go home and the more practical things like money and social debt crop up? Chances are you’ll recognise some of these people...      

The Organiser 👨‍💻 📅
The person you rely upon to sort everything: from travel plans and accommodation to working out who owes what. As well as organising other people’s lives, they’ll often be the one left to pay for everything and chase for money weeks/months later.   
Most likely to: max out a credit card. 

The Bailer 🙋‍♂️ 🏃🏻
Suffers from FOMO. The only way to ensure they don’t miss out on anything is to agree to everything. They’ll say yes to a holiday in Ibiza, playing five-a-side, a spin class, brunch, you name it. Then they’ll bail at the last minute with a lame excuse.
Most likely to: get “stuck at work.”  

The Good Mate 🤝 🤓
Hopefully you’ll have more than one, but there’s always a decent person in the group who does things by the book: paying the organiser back quickly, chipping in for a taxi and going home at a sensible hour. Everyone aspires to be this person, but being good is hard work. 
Most likely to: buy the first round.

The Dodger 💷 🤷‍♂️   
They have one strategy: delay payment as long as possible and hope people forget or get sick of asking them for money. They’ll have an army of excuses ready: I get paid next week, I’ll pay you when I see you, I don’t have online banking, the dog ate my bank card, yada, yada, yada. 
Most likely to: go missing when it’s their round.  

The Stinge 👛🔒
Tags along to social events, but will try and talk everyone else into the cheapest option or moan about the price of things all the time. Never tips, collects vouchers and if you’re doing a marathon for charity, expect a £2.50 donation.          
Most likely to: Insist on only paying for what they ate.