VibePay gets FCA approval - launches new Twitter channel for transparency

VibePay gets FCA approval - launches new Twitter channel for transparency

We are excited to announce that VibePay has been granted authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide Payment Initiation Services and Account Information Services. It sounds complicated but means that we’re all set to launch this autumn 🙌

VibePay will be one of the first payment providers to make use of Open Banking in the UK, bringing greater choice and better service to consumers. The first product to launch in the UK is a peer-to-peer payment app for mobile, allowing users to organise events, request and receive money from friends.

Luke Massie, CEO at VibePay, said: ‘The VibePay app makes it easier for groups of friends to plan and pay for their social activities. It takes the pain out of collecting council tax from flatmates and planning holidays with friends.’

With the VibePay app launching soon, we wanted to give you more insight into the company and how we work. That’s why we created @BuildingVibe, a brand new Twitter account where we’ll share real-time updates from different parts of the company. Please follow and let us know what you want to see! 

VibePay will also be introducing a B2B solution, allowing consumers to pay direct from their bank when they’re shopping online. 

Massie said: ‘At Vibe, we understand young consumers and build products that add value to their everyday lives. We’re excited to bring merchants and marketplaces an engaged, transactional and highly targeted user base.’

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